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Who is Business Sites?

Business Sites is a Corporate Services Provider that specializes in supplying quality services and functions to Small to Medium sized enterprises that are looking to maximize their growth potential and take their brands to the next level.

Our reputable company - Business Sites originally started out as Simple Sites 4U over 5 years ago and was exculsively focused on the design and development of simple yet effective websites for Start-Ups looking to secure an impactful online presence. Over the years, however, Business Sites has grown and reinvented itself into a fully-fledged Corporate Services provider with the experience and clientelle to match.

Business Sites was founded by 2 successfull South African entrepreneurs, a software developer along side a Contemporary Design expert with a passion for progressive people and good business. Business Sites' services are intended to give SMEs the capabilities and appeal of large entities, at a fraction of the cost and with minimal effort.

Our approach to our business dealings is outgoing, professional, effecient, and cost-effective, intended to ensure that you Build. Grow. Succeed with Business Sites.

How does Business Sites do things

At Business Sites we like to keep things straight and simple without compromising on quality.
We have fast turnaround times, impeccable resources, effective communication mechanisms as well as a team of talented professionals
dedicated to completing all projects perfectly and on time, always.
Not convinced? Contact Us today and get a first-hand experience of the pleasures of having a highly competent service provider driving your entity to
new heights.

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Our Mission

The unequivocal mission of Business Sites is to be central to a budding ecosystem of excellence and growth at the heart of South Africa's bustling SME landscape by establishing and nurturing symbiotic relationships of mutual benefit and advancement between ourselves and every entity we interact with throughout South Africa.

Business Sites

Our Vision

Business Sites envisions itself having a geographical footprint spanning the entire continent and being at the forefront of an invigorated and highly competitive multinational market-place that is required for the continent to fulfill it's collaborative "Vision 2050 agenda".


We pride ourselves in having generally shorter turnaround times than all our parallel competitors. We also react faster than most.


You can rest assured that Business Sites will be confidential, honest, direct, and reliable at all times when interacting with you.


Business Sites consistently holds itself to the highest standards of compliance, performance and engagement whenever conducting business.


Our Products and Services are designed to be affordable and attainable to all legitimate corporate seeking to Build. Grow. Succeed affordably.