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Business Sites is an outstanding Corporate Services Provider serving Small to Medium sized enterprises with absolute dilligence throughout South Africa.
Business Sites' wide-range of specialized services are designed to take your business to the next level and enhance the value of your brand through the seamless integration of our end-to-end business solutions. Furthermore, Business Sites is a leader at providing professional Administrative tools, brilliant Designs, as well as cutting-edge Online Services.
We at Business Sites are commited to service excellence and have the capacity to satisfy all of your corporate needs regardless of your current size. Contact Business Sites today to find out more about what we can do to help you Build. Grow. Succeed - in the corporate world. See our service list.

Business Sites Services

Business Sites consists of 3 related segments, namely - Administration, Design, and Website Services. Click on the icon of your choice to learn more about the services you require from Business Sites.

Website Services

Design Services

Administration Services

Business Sites Service List

A large part of what makes Business Sites a respectable modern business is how resourceful and scalable we are. We deliver small projects with the same vigour and emphasis on quality as we would with large-scale undertakings. Below is a list of all services currently offered by Business Sites. Contact Us to inquire further.

Company Profile

Present a powerful, professional image of your organization.

Company Registration

We register any type of corporate entity on your behalf.

Content Authoring

Literal content, written, sorted, edited for you.


A procedure that enables the protection of your interllectual property.


A logo is the visual summation of your brand.


Conveys a professional image in written communications.


Symbolize all that your brand represents visually.

Email Signatures

Sign off all your official emails professionally.

Business Cards

Network with pride using high quality Business Cards.

Marketing Material

We design posters, flyers, and catalogues among others.


Large-scale publishing has never been easier.

Social Media Setup

We setup, organize, promote, and manage your SM profiles.

Social Media Branding

The designing & optimization of Social Media Header & Avatar

Social Media Management

Trust us to build up a relevant and growing SM presence for you.

Blog Website

Ideal for notification services and entertainment purposes.

Parallax Website

A cutting-edge, single-page website.

Standard Website

A High-Quality, commercial website with up to 10 pages.

e-Commerce Website

A website that functions as a global online store.

Search Engine Optimization

A meta-process enabling browsers to locate your site easier.

Domain Registration

Refers to the purchasing of a online space.

Newsletter Management

We develop, manage, and distribute a monthly newsletter for you.

Web hosting

The monthly leasing of online space.